Alyssa Jacey has been in Nashville for ten years and is celebrating that milestone with her 10th album.  If you don't know Alyssa, you are missing out on what many would argue is not only the hardest working independent artist but also the most dynamic.  Alyssa is a woman of many talents, but maybe her greatest talent is the way she can pull you into a song and make you feel every word to the depths of your soul.  "Man of God" is no exception to that. This one is a sucker punch right to the gut that makes your heart wrench for anyone in these shoes.  And if you have lived or are living a situation like this, this song will make you feel heard and supported knowing you aren't alone. 

Alyssa Jacey Speaks for Every Woman Who Has Been Duped

With lyrics like "He'd wake up and toke up then sleep through his job" and "Spend all day on the couch on his phone playing games.  Texting his ex she's the one who got away", women everywhere can feel the pain in the song.  The stripped-back acoustic verses pull you in, but then the melody starts to soar, and Alyssa's falsetto cuts through, and the words of the chorus will catch even the hardest heart - 

"He says he's a man who believes,

But, with bottle in hand, he'd preach.

That he knew the difference between right and wrong.

Shame on him for claiming he's a Man of God. 

Shame on him for claiming he's a Man of God."

As the song continues into the second verse, Alyssa Jacey doesn't hold back with lyrics like, "But you'd never know the truth about their situation.  He'd rather lie to your face than risk his reputation."  It is clear she is speaking for every girl who ever put it on the line for a man only to end up side-swept and manipulated.

When Alyssa goes on to sing, "He told her that nothing was what she deserved every time she reached a milestone earned", you can hear the pain of her history in the words and the flawless vocal.  

Alyssa Jacey

Alyssa delivers the final blow with the last lyric in which she changes it up just a bit, 

"Shame on you for claiming you're a Man of God...Shame on you for're a man."

The whole song is effortlessly produced to really highlight the lyrics, melody and Alyssa's haunting vocal.  In a town that so frequently over produces a song, it is so nice to hear a great song meticulously produced with just enough to let it shine. 

Don't Miss Alyssa Jacey Around Town...And Wear Your Blue

There are lots of ways to keep up with Alyssa and I encourage you to follow along and catch her live if you get the chance.  She is a frequent performer at the world-famous Listening Room Cafe here in Nashville but you will find her many other places, too, even singing at 35,000 ft when she is on a flight!  Make sure you head over to her website to catch her upcoming dates.  You can also keep up with her on FacebookInstagram, YouTube and Tik Tok. But make sure when you go to see her live, you rock your blue!  Alyssa is all about her "Blue Crew" and donates a portion to Alzheimer's in memory of her grandmother.

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Talk to you soon!

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