The guys of Cash Creek have been playing music together for more than 2 decades, yet they still consistently manage to put out fabulous new music over and over again.  In 2022, they released a new single every single month and it seems like each one is better than the last.  There's no question that they aren't running out of steam. They are still full steam ahead and gaining more traction all the time.

Couples Everywhere Will Be Dancing to "Over the Moon"

From the first notes, I had an immediate throwback feel.  The synthesizer, the strings, gave me all the nostalgia of being in a junior high or high school dance looking for the guy I had a crush on.  I know not everyone loves the throwback vibes of the '80s and '90s but I am here for it all day every day. This is no exception.  

Cash Creek

It should come as no surprise when you hear songs like this that all of the guys in Cash Creek have found their forever loves.  James and his wife have been married many years and have a beautiful family.  Kimo married his beautiful wife Danielle in 2020 and Monty will soon be married to his love, Tomi.  So, it is no wonder that these beautiful love songs are pouring out.  They all have great muses! I have no doubt that couples everywhere will be dancing to "Over the Moon."

Cash Creek Has Another Hit

Cash Creek

While I personally believe they have never gotten all the credit they deserve, Cash Creek has gotten accolades from all around the world. They have seen their songs climb the charts more than once.  I know that "Over the Moon" will be the next hit they notch on their belts.  Written by Jody Harris, and with killer vocals and stunning production by Kimo Forrest, this is one that we will be hearing more of for sure.

Catch More of Cash Creek!

If this is your first introduction to Cash Creek, you're welcome .  Make sure you connect with the guys on all the socials.  You can catch them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.  You can catch them in shows all across the US, but, you definitely don't want to miss the chance to see them at their brainchild - Cash Creek Club Live!  Cash Creek Club Live occurs the first Wednesday of every month in Nashville, TN.  You can also live stream those shows on several networks!

Kimo Forrest also owns and operates CCB Nashville which puts out great artist after great artist in addition to all the Cash Creek music.  Make sure you don't miss artists like Jamey D, Megan Mullins Owen and RT Johnson!

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      Thank you, Nashville Sparkle! Good stuff. On behalf of Cash Creek, we certainly appreciate the kind words

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