In a time where country-pop is king and country radio sound more like pop radio from the late 90s, Hannah Katheryn is making waves and turning heads with her crystal clear vocals, straight-up country melody, and lyrics about finding love.  Hannah wrote "Watching You Walk Like That" with her fiance, Chris Sappington who goes by "Cowboy" professionally. 

Hannah Katheryn is Telling Her Love Story

Hannah Katheryn is letting the whole world in on her love story with this song.  She reports that the song came about while she was sitting one day thinking back to when they met.  Hannah recalls loving how he walked up to her and seeing him in his cowboy hat and playing the guitar for her.  Five years later, they are enjoying making music together and planning their wedding. 

Hannah's lyrical imagery is a throwback to lyrics of years ago when country music was simple.  You can almost picture him walking up to her in his cowboy hat. One can imagine the smile that was surely on her face.  The love they share is evident in every line.  


Chris "Cowboy" Sappington, in addition to co-writing the song, is playing guitar on the track. He also produced, mixed, and mastered it at their home studio, Raising Grace.  Chris is in the process of getting his own material out as well and working with other artists.  This song is the lead-off single from Hannah's debut album, which Chris is producing through their studio. The release date will be announced soon! 

Keep Up With Hannah Katheryn

You can keep up with Hannah Katheryn on Facebook.  You can also keep up with Hannah and Chris's studio Raising Grace on Facebook.

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