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Are you coming to visit Nashville soon?  Did you just move here and are trying to figure out what to explore first?  Or maybe you have been here for years (like me) but life has gotten in the way of you exploring your city!  No matter what the circumstance, Nashville has SO much to offer and is growing by the day which means some of these amazing places are getting lost in the shuffle!  So grab your free guide now to the Hidden Gems of Nashville and get to exploring!

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We came to Nashville for a Bachelorette Party and we are SO glad we found Nashville Sparkle before coming or we would have missed out on some of the activities we loved the most!!  

- Becca

I have lived in Nashville for almost 5 years, yet, I had not heard about at least 75% of what is in this guide.  I am so happy I found it!  I have been making it a point to do at least one thing on the list per month and I started following the Nashville Sparkle Blog and have gotten introduced to so many great artists I would have never been exposed to otherwise!  Thank you Nashville Sparkle!!

- Jennifer

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10 can't miss stops in Nashville!
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