In time where you turn on "country" radio and hear electronic drum beats, synthesizers, and hip hop, Jamey D's new song "They Sure Did" is a breath of fresh air for country music lovers.   The first thing you hear is the prominent down-home feel of the dobro.  An instrument that is noticeably absent in pretty much all music you hear on country radio these days.  Between throwback melody, classic lyrics and stellar production, it is no doubt that Jamey D easily holds his own among the country greats of the past.  

Jamey D Shares Insight to His Life With Listeners on "They Sure Did"

Jamey D is working hard in music but, behind the scenes, he is a husband and a soon-to-be new dad.  He is also the youngest in a big family born to precious parents that are still married to this day. A rare occurrence in this world it seems.  I don't have first-hand knowledge of whether or not this song was written about his parents. However, knowing them and knowing him, it was certainly all I thought of as I listened.  If it wasn't written about his parents, it sure could have been.  It seems to wrap their life up in a nutshell.  A sweet song about working hard to make it even when things get tough.  With lyrics like "They Sure Did love one another.  And never forgot each other or the vows they made that day in '64" will have you yearning for a love like that or stir up gratefulness if you already do.  Listening to "They Sure Did" has me imagining growing old with my better half and sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair years from now.  

Jamey D Continues to Make His Mark

Jamey D

"They Sure Did" marks at least the 9th single Jamey released this year on CCB Nashville which is spearheaded by Kimo Forrest.  Kimo Forrest produced the song and played drums, bass, acoustic and electric guitar.  Kimo and Jamey called on friends Jason Roller to play fiddle and Scott Neubert to play dobro.  Jamey D continues to prove that he is made for this business. And there is no doubt he deserves a space on country radio and among the greats.  His music evokes all the feels talking about love and family.  And he isn't afraid to veer away from the more pop-like production of late and let his love of Old School Country Music shine.

Keep Your Eyes on Jamey D

Jamey D has vowed to put a new song out every month of this year so be sure to keep up with his socials so you don't miss a release!  You can catch him on Facebook and Instagram.  You can also keep up with his music on Spotify and Apple Music.  And if you want to keep up with other music out of CCB Nashville, you can check out Cash Creek and Megan Mullins Owen who have also been releasing songs all year. 

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