From her fiery red hair to her toe tapping fiddle solos, Megan Mullins Owen is sure to pull you in with every note and this song is no exception!  Written by Megan with Sarah Frances Majors and Mark D. Sanders, this song is ready for a line dance and a honky tonk!

Megan Mullins Owen Will Have You Singing Along

With an opening line of "Baby's gone except for the goin', it won't be long he'll be tip-toeing on" and a beat you can't stop tapping to, you know this is a song you will be singing along to.  And women everywhere can relate to the next lines. "I've been sleeping with one eye open.  Tired of keepin' prayin' and hopin' he'll stay at least a few more days.  He's better than nothing.  But the cryin's coming."

Megan Mullins Owen

Megan Mullins Owen

The song is about a heart breaking. But the impeccable writing, clever lyrics, and great music make it hard to be sad while you listen. This would be a great song to roll the windows down on a fall day to drive your way over a break-up.  The only thing sad about this song is that you haven't heard it more and mainstream radio isn't playing it.  Produced by Kimo Forrest of Cash Creek for CCB Nashville, this is one of many song put out by Megan this year that has crowds begging for more. 

Keep Up With Megan Mullins Owen

You don't want to miss the opportunity to see Megan live or hear her next single.  Make sure you keep up with her on all socials.  You can catch her on Facebook and Instagram.  You can also catch her the first Wednesday of every month at the Cash Creek Club Live!

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