With October in full swing, if you are ready to get spooked, you want to check out these ghost tours in and around Nashville.  While these tours do tend to be available most of the year round, this is arguably the best time to engage in them.  With an area as full of history - and tragedy - as Middle Tennessee is, it is no wonder that there is no shortage of ghost stories.  This also means there is no shortage of Ghost Tours, however, in my opinion, these are ones you don't want to miss!

Ghost Tours at the Lotz House Outside of Nashville in Franklin, TN

Ghost Tours Lotz House

Let's start with the Ghost Tours at the Lotz House in Franklin, TN just outside of Nashville.  Franklin is thick with Civil War History.  Some of the bloodiest battles of the war were fought here.  So, it shouldn't come as any surprise that there are plenty of ghost stories to go around!  Now, if you are someone like me who more enjoys the historical part of ghost tours rather than the "ghost" part, this tour is not for you.  They boast of their "proof" of their hauntings and this is no exaggeration. 

The tour guide told me on the phone and then told the group multiple times that he was a total skeptic until he saw it for himself.  He makes sure you don't leave a skeptic either and has no shortage of pictures, video footage and other cool demonstrations from different ghost hunters that have come there over the years.   

What is missing from this tour is the history of the house.  It is talked about very briefly and he will answer questions but only briefly and then it is back to the spooky stuff.  Had I known this, I maybe would have gone to tour the house on a regular tour first and then come for the ghost tour.  Knowing this now, going back and touring the house is definitely on our to-do list.  We would love to know what makes the house so haunted (besides the obvious of it being old and right in the middle of some bloody Civil War Battles).  

All in all, it was. a great tour and definitely something I would consider a "must do" for some haunted October fun. 

Nashville Haunted Downtown Ghost Tour

We may have gotten a little spoiled on this Ghost Tour on a cool March night in Nashville.  See, we were the only ones on the tour!  So, we probably got some VIP treatment you may not normally get.  We got to ask all the questions we wanted, probably heard some extra stories, and arguably had the BEST guide.  We had bought a Groupon for this tour back in October but just never got around to using it and since my husband is up for ghosts no matter what time of year, it was just as fun for us in March as it would have been in October (though maybe a bit colder!).  

This tour was a great mix of history and ghost stories.  I have lived in Nashville almost 20 years and I learned things that night I had never known!  It is a walking tour so make sure you dress to walk - clothes and shoes alike!  But that also makes it a great way to see the city!  You definitely don't want to miss this Ghost Tour in Nashville put on by Amerighost

Ghost Tour Nashville

Haunted Franklin - Ghost Tour in Franklin, TN Just South of Nashville

This might be my favorite Ghost Tour in the Nashville area that we have done.  Our tour guide - Joe - also appeared to be the owner of the company that runs the tour, "Franklin on Foot".  It was the perfect mix of history and information, spooky stories and photo and video proof his claims.  He was a wealth of knowledge on the area. That only made me want to come back and do more tours with him.  They have a Civil War Tour and a Classic Franklin Tour which both sound good. However, the Murder and Mayhem Tour is the one I can't wait to do.  We will definitely be back to explore more with Franklin on Foot!

Franklin on Foot

This is another walking tour, though not as far as the Nashville tour, but still dress appropriately!  It was a quiet night the night we went so I am sure that assisted in the overall spooky feel of the tour, but I still can't say enough good things about it.  Joe was extremely knowledgeable both about the history of the town and the spooky guests that supposedly roam.  It is clear he is local.  And has relationships with many owners in town who share with him first hand their stories!  He is also great at storytelling and engaging the audience so it was a fun night from start to finish. 

Fill Your October with some Spooky Ghost Tours in Nashville

No one from these tours asked me to write this or even knew I was going to.  They will find out when you do!  These are just legitimately tours I have gone on with my husband and enjoyed and wanted to share with all of you.  There are other tours that we are going to do in the future so this may be updated soon!  For one, we have tickets to the Haunted Tour of the Hermitage beginning of November.  I know that must be good because that was the soonest we could get tickets!  They are completely booked for October! If you go on a cool ghost tour, make sure you send an email and let me know, we would love to try it out!  In the meantime, enjoy your October!  And if you are looking for less spooky things to do, make sure you check out my guide for the Hidden Gems of Nashville!  


Introducing you to Nashville's Hidden Gems! Be sure to leave us a comment with what you think! And if you have an artist or show we need to know about and write about, make sure to leave that below!

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